News: The future of MCMaps

MCMaps was a project I started in late 2011 and released publicly early 2012
Since then it's been mostly neglected and I haven't been motivated to work on it. The important stuff works, but the code is messy and I feel like I should redo the whole thing. There have also been some changes and stuff I did not think about. It recently came to the point where I was running out of space so I trimmed a zoom level to free up ~600GB of space (I am quite surprised myself). There is a lot of work needed to bring this whole thing up to date and I'm gonna slowly invest some more time into working on a new version

That said, I am planing to completely whipe the site, users with an uploaded map will be informed when this is going to happen. It will function as it used to until this happens though, so feel free to keep uploading maps.
- imer

Posted 20th of September, 2014 by imer.

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